Entrepreneurial Association “Business Co-operation Center” (EA “BCC”), Mariupol  

Center for Business Cooperation (CBC) of Mariupol unites small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of various organizations of Mariupol and adjoining regions with the aim of giving legal advice, providing for preferential crediting terms due to attracting funds, making investments of new projects by Ukrainian and foreign investors, training in new ways of running business.
State Committee of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship  

- an executive body, authorized to ensure development and implementation of state policy of entrepreneurship development and support.
NGO Center of Entrepreneurship Support, Donetsk  

“Donetsk Business Incubator”, which had been established with financial assistance of International Renaissance Foundation in January 1997 within the program “Social Adaptation of the Military Men”.
The Science and Technology Park, Dnipropetrovsk  

The TechnoPark Foundation is a charitable, non-governmental, non-profit organization seeking to enhance the development of both small and medium sized businesses (SME's), as well as scientific and high-technological endeavors. It was founded in 1997 by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Food and Agriculture Administration and the Center for International Cooperation with the goal of improving the general economic conditions of Ukraine and, in particular, the Dnipropetrovsk Region.
Charitable Fund Incubator Center, Lviv  

Since 1995 CF Incubator Center has expanded the range of its services and in addition to information and consulting services, economic and legal consultations for small and medium-sized business also started rendering communication and administrative services as well as locating in its premises from 5 to 7 firms at one time.
The public organization «Small Business Development Center » (SBDC), Odessa  

NGO «Small Business Development Center» has been operating since 1999.
Bila Tserkva Innovation Business Incubator  

Bila Tserkva Innovation Business Incubator is an NGO operating since May 1998 in Bila Tserkva of Kyiv region.
NGO "Women's Initiatives League", Cherkasy  

The regional NGO was set up in March 1999.
Luhansk regional organization for entrepreneurship development and support “Business Incubator”  

“Business Incubator” was set up and registered as a legal entity with status of a regional NGO on July 16, 1996 with financial support of Donetsk department of International Renaissance Foundation in order to fulfill tasks of facilitating emerging, supporting and servicing of small enterprises and entrepreneurs, with the aim of social adaptation of the military men, miners and members of their families and for broad involvement into these activities interested persons, enterprises and organizations.
Simferopol city public organization “Business Incubator”  

The business incubator started its work on SME support in February 1997. Over the period of operation the organization has created necessary structures for small business support: Credit Union, Center for Entrepreneurship Support, learning center which are united into the Crimean Coalition for Entrepreneurship Support in ARC.
NGO "Social Adaptation", Khmelnitskiy  

The organization was registered in December 1998 as a local regional non-profit NGO.
ROAP - Rivne Regional Non-governmental Organization “ Association for Legal Protection and Assistance to Local Entrepreneurs”  

was founded in 1996 on the initiative of the Rivne entrepreneurs group. The main aim of ROAP activity is the assistance to development of Association members activity, creating the efficient system of support and assistance to expansion of small and medium business in Ukraine.

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